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Arch. Jose Siao Ling

Arch. Jose Siao Ling began his architectural career in Hong Kong after graduating from the University of Santo Tomas in 1980. Upon his return to the Philippines in 1983, he saw the completion of his first project under his own firm. This project was the five-storey Benson Apartelle in San Juan, Metro Manila. From then on, Siao Ling has completed all over 350 projects, ranging from renovation work, residential buildings, townhouse developments, commercial buildings and complexes, institutional and industrial buildings, hotels, resthouses and resorts, leisure parks, and subdivision developments to multi¬storey residential and mixed-used condominium buildings.

Siao Ling is regarded as one of the exponents of idealism in the practice. He advocates post-modernist ideas in architectural design in the Philippines. Siao Ling maintains that idealism should never compromise excellence for profit. In all his projects, he has espoused professional ethics and responsibility to exercise control over the quality of materials, equipment, and deliveries.

Siao Ling had also taken a detour in the myriad of competition in the industry. Ratherthan compete with other Filipino architects, he engaged in collaborative work and went global through MOS Architects where he was involved in the completion of the Fontana Leisure Parks in Clark Field, Angeles City. The project gave him and his colleagues the opportunity to utilize the ashes spewed by Mount Pinatubo.

In the circle, Siao Ling became the youngest member of the United Architects ofthe Philippines to be bestowed the title "fellow" in 1996. Showing much dedication to the ideals ofthe UAP, Siao Ling was a material figure in the generation of funds for the purchase of the lot on which now stands the UAP National Headquarters Building where he also serves as the head of the Task Force of the UAP National Headquarters Building Implementation and Resources Committee.