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Mr. Joselito Sayson

YES Virginia, there is a (young) Thomasian therapist who is currently doing research at the NASA scientists to solve why astronauts experience low back pains, and also conducts lectures on Physical Therapy in the United States. He is Joselito Sayson, who graduated from the UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences, and after moving to the United States, studied Manual Therapy to become the first Filipino doctor of Manual Therapy at the Ola Grimsby Institute Consortium at Salt Lake, Utah, USA.

Sayson's professional practice history speaks of many years of work in various hospitals in the United States, but primarily as director of Physical Therapy. He also has professional stints managing physical therapy centers and rehabilitation centers, including his own Jojo Sayson's Performance Physical Therapy Services L.L.C., in Illinois. He is a licensed physical therapist in the States of Texas and Illinois.

After graduating from UST, he worked as a Clinical Instructor of the Physical Therapy Internship Program of the University of Santo Tomas and the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital. At the United States, Sayson also found himself in the classroom as clinical instructor, but for the most part of his career, he has been teaching at the Ola Grimsby Institute Consortium.

He has received various awards and recognition for professional practice and his contribution to socio-civic groups as a physical therapist, as a body-builder, and as officer of the Lions Club International, both in Alpine Texas and Kankakee, Illinois.

Sayson was born on June 19, 1963. He graduated from the UST High School in 1980 and from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences in 1984. After earning a Master of Orthopedic Manual Therapy degree at the Ola Grimsby Institute Consortium in San Diego, California in 1966. His great interest in manual therapy lead him to finish a Doctor of Manual Therapy degree from the same institution in 2002. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Despite his heavy workload, he is yet able to write for various publications.

But this Thomasian is not just content with UST being able to produce good physical therapists. He is also bent on bringing to the Philippines a Master's degree program in Physical Therapy to make Filipino Physical Therapists qualified to practice in the U.S. His almost two decades of absence from the Philippines has not changed Sayson's love his alma mater, he is very much a Thomasian at heart, and probably, more.


  • TOTAL Awards 2006 Souvenir Program
    17 February 2006, UST Central Seminary Gymnasium