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Fr. Gregorio Garcia, O.P.

FR. GREGORIO GARCIA, O.P. obtained the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology from the Faculty of Sacred Theology of UST in 1941. Sent to the Dominican missions of Vietnam, he was professor of Theology at the Regional Seminary of Namdinh. Assigned later on to Philippines, Fr. Gregorio was Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Faculties of UST and professor of Theology at the Faculty of Sacred Theology. Among his students were numerous bishops and countless priests of the Philippine Church, who studied at UST.

Fr. Gregorio possessed a powerful and beautiful singing voice and was musical director for many years of the well-known Schola Cantorum of the UST Central Seminary. He also served as Regent of the Conservatory of Music and was instrumental for the successful career in music of well personalities in Philippine music circle, notably Prof. Oscar Yatco, locally and internationally recognized violinist and conductor, whom he encouraged to go into conducting early in the latter's musical career.

The USTAA recognizes the unselfish and whole-hearted dedication of Fr. Gregorio Garcia to the education of the youth for the priesthood in the Philippines and in the mission territory of Vietnam and grants him the TOTAL award for Church Service (posthumously).


  • UST Alumni Association, Inc.
    TOTAL Awards
    Grand Alumni Homecoming '97 Souvenir Program
    March 7, 1997, Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental Manila